Over the course of this semester, I have definitely enhanced my knowledge of classical ethics as well as developed my skills in analyzing and comprehending ethical theories. The content of this course was unlike anything I had studied previously and it presented a new challenge to me as a student. However, I feel as though I have learned a lot and have made notable improvements over the course of the semester when it comes to philosophical writings.

At the beginning of the semester, I found it very difficult to understand the meaning of many of the readings we were assigned. The main points seemed quite convoluted and hard to understand. I think this is reflected by my first medium post as well as in my initial weekly reflections. However, I think that as the semester continued I got better at rereading the material and knowing what exactly to look for. I found that class discussions were particularly helpful in developing my understanding of the material. I have always been an auditory learner and hearing the theories explaine and discussed in person was of tremendous help to me. Personally, I found the medium posts to be less helpful, and at first I was confused with some of the feedback I was recieving. For example, in my post concerning mencius I felt somewhat confused on what to write. However, I stuck with reading the assignments and gaining more understanding from class discussions and my fellow students.

The midterm essay was the point where I best demonstrated my growth and my undertanding. At the beginning of the semester, the thought of writing a philosophy paper was extremely daunting, but through sticking with the class and the material I was able to do so successfully. I think that was my proudest work of the class and proof that I was on track.

Overall, I found the structure of the course to be a little unconventional and somehwhat challenging, but I think I was able to adapt to it relatively well. Like I previously mentioned, I did not find the medium posts or the discord to be particularly condusive to my style of learning, but I found the discussions helpful and overall I enjoyed the reasons. I have learned a lot through this course and I am happy with my resulting development as a student.